yo mama haikus

About Us

BJ and I started writing Yo Mama Haikus back in 2004 when we were first dating. They are still captured on my now-extinct blog over at Archive.org. Flash forward a few years. We were engaged and drunk and basically went nuts on the Yo Mama Haikus over a highly prolific weekend. Then, we got BJ’s friend from high school, Erika Larsen, involved as the illustrator of these fine haikus. She was in Hong Kong, so we sent her the poems by e-mail and she sent us the amazing illustrations by snail mail. Flash forward another year or so and now we’re married and finally sharing these lovely haikus online.

If you hadn’t guessed, this website is dedicated to your mom.


-Eileen Winslow

BTW, if you want to contact us, just e-mail us at contact…AT…yomamahaikus.com.